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CyberStrongHOLD is the premier Managed Security Services Provider for businesses in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding cities

Is your business data protected from ransomware, viruses, worms, and the countless other threats to its well-being? Are you 100% certain?

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Truly outstanding MSSPs do cybersecurity in style

With innovative ideas inducing state-of-the-art solutions

CyberStrongHOLD’s innovations in IT security guarantee data protection in a manner that meshes with our clients’ contemporary businesses. That means we use cutting-edge techniques to integrate next-level protections with existing software and systems, no matter how modern they may be.

Managed IT Services Frisco

Before, during, and after attack

Our comprehensive defenses will ensure your business data’s intact


24/7 Prevention

Round-the-clock monitoring of your network’s perimeter holds intruders on the outside


Automated Remediation

Cyberthreats are detected, surveilled, then systematically eradicated without a trace


Post-Threat Analyzation

Grading online aggressions after the fact will protect against hackers’ future forays

To where will we travel and whom will we protect?

We’re the #1 MSSP in North TX serving any organization upon their request

  • Startup Companies
  • Stable Small Businesses
  • Enterprise Corporations
  • Healthcare Concerns
  • Schools & Universities
  • Government Agencies

Our Story

There’s more to your success than good-lookin’ data

Managed Security is certainly attractive, but Managed Support is easy on the I’s as well,
keeping IT decked out day-and-night


Improved Performance

Managed Support ensures your hardware devices & software apps always run full throttle


Invigorated Employees

Your users will be rejuvenated when there’s never downtime plaguing their productivity


Increased ROI

Pay a monthly fee like any utility, and enjoy error-free technology & greater longevity

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