Cloud Computing

Take security and collaboration to the next level

Business data will continue to grow in size and quantity and storing it onsite means you’ll have to buy new servers every time they’re full. This costs thousands of dollars, and also takes up a sizeable amount of office space. What’s more, your files will only be accessible when you’re at the office.

CyberStrongHOLD’s Cloud Computing solution lets you migrate all your files and applications to the cloud so you can access them from any device, at the office or on-the-go. You can increase or decrease the amount of cloud storage as needed, and pay based on the amount of space that you use. Best of all, you'll benefit from a plethora of productivity-enhancing applications and streamline time-consuming processes for good.

CyberStrongHOLD’s Cloud Computing service lets you:

  • Work and collaborate with anyone, at any time
  • Securely store your files
  • Access data and files, even after a disaster
  • Avoid paying for unused storage space and new servers

Internet Phones

Cost-efficient, easy-to-use telephony solution for local and long-distance calls

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Network Optimization

We manage and optimize your network for better bandwidth and security

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Backup & Data Recovery

Our geo-redundant servers keep all your files and apps safe and always available

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Desktop & Server Support

We manage and monitor your server and desktop so your network experiences maximum uptime

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