Desktop & Server Support

Experience smooth-operating computers and servers all day

Computers and servers are crucial to any business operations. Despite that, they often lack the proper maintenance necessary to keep them running optimally to the end of their lifecycle.

CyberStrongHOLD’s Backup & Data Recovery service replicates your critical files and stores them on our redundant backup servers. We also devise a detailed disaster recovery plan so you know exactly what to do after a data-loss incident occurs.

CyberStrongHOLD’s Desktop & Server Support ensures:

  • Your desktops and servers are always operating at top performance
  • All technical issues are resolved promptly
  • Your apps and data remain safe from viruses, ransomware, and worms, round-the-clock
  • Your software and operating system are always updated

Internet Phones

Cost-efficient, easy-to-use telephony solution for local and long-distance calls

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Cloud Computing

Access your data and applications from any internet-enabled device

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Network Optimization

We manage and optimize your network for better bandwidth and security

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Backup & Data Recovery

Our geo-redundant servers keep all your files and apps safe and always available

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