Virtual CIO

Building IT strategies that support your business objectives

Do you spend thousands of dollars every month for new IT equipment? Are you not delivering the output you need to increase your bottom line? Is your data at risk in the event of a natural or man-made disaster? Whatever your IT concern, we can resolve them for you.

CyberStrongHOLD’s Virtual CIO provides you with a chief information officer at a fraction of the cost of hiring one in-house. A technology roadmap from our Virtual CIO reduces operating costs, improves productivity, and optimizes workflows.

Why choose CyberStrongHOLD’s Virtual CIO?

  • We devise IT strategies that align with your business so you succeed fast
  • Our ongoing support means your technology always stay up-to-date
  • We make sure your IT plans are always scalable, to prepare for future growth
  • You get technology insight without breaking the bank

Internet Phones

Cost-efficient, easy-to-use telephony solution for local and long-distance calls

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Cloud Computing

Access your data and applications from any internet-enabled device

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Network Optimization

We manage and optimize your network for better bandwidth and security

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Backup & Data Recovery

Our geo-redundant servers keep all your files and apps safe and always available

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